Improve Data Usability and Accessibility with Cloud Data Storage

Dealing with downtime and data storage issues is a big challenge for organizations, particularly those that rely on technology to remain competitive. You need your information to be fully secure and accessible, but may not be sure that cloud storage is right for your business. It only takes a moment for a disaster to strike and cause significant IT downtime that will negatively impact both your internal staff and your customers.

These are major concerns for businesses and as a technology solution expert, Altera Solutions has the answer — a cloud data storage solution that instantly improves data usability and accessibility with cloud data storage. When you are looking to resolve these pressing issues, we are here to help.

Cloud Data Storage Solutions

Easier Usability & Accessibility

Data stored in cloud storage means easier access and the ability to collaborate with colleagues and clients securely. Users can easily save files and data in the cloud with no technical knowledge required. The stored files can be easily accessed from any internet connection from any location anywhere in the world.

Added Security with Cloud Storage

Once your data is stored in the cloud, it is secure, safely guarded against any type of hardware failure or cyberattack. With extra security protocols in place, you can always be assured your data is safe from any kind of threat.

Instant Disaster Recovery

Losing vital business data is a huge loss for any business. Cloud servers provide automatic backup ensuring your data can be retrieved any time. With cloud storage technology, you simply select what data you want to be backed up, and when, automation takes care of the rest.

Immediate Cost Savings

Cloud storage instantly gives you cost savings because internal power and resources are not separately required for storing the data nor do you need to incur the costs of maintaining hardware.

Ease of Collaboration

Collaboration in the cloud is easy as the cloud environment enables multiple people to access, edit, and collaborate on a single file or document in real-time from any location anywhere in the world. Files stored in the cloud stay consistent on all the devices as they are automatically updated after making any changes keeping all revisions intact.

Scale Up or Down

Using the cloud to host your data means you only pay for the resources that you actually use. You can scale your cloud hosting environment up or down as your business needs change giving you the flexibility you need.

The Added Convenience of Cloud Storage

The convenience and peace of mind offered by cloud storage reduce the worry about manual back-ups using external hard drives or flash drives. There’s no need to save, label, or track physical disks because the convenience online cloud storage offers enables you to concentrate on controlling your expenses and driving new revenue.

Altera Solutions can help you leverage your business competitiveness using the latest technology advances moving costs from a capital expense to an operational expense on a fixed cost basis. Every day we help businesses migrate their data to the cloud reducing your overheads which ultimately adds to the bottom line.