Empower Your Agents with Cloud-Based Solutions for Contact Centers

With any hyper-competitive environment, your customer service may be the deciding factor for your customers. Improving the loyalty of your top customers can mean a significant boost in sales while poor customer service is often mirrored by a corresponding drop in sales. Unfortunately, finding the right integrated communications solution for your contact centers can be a winding and treacherous path. SImply reviewing all the various solutions on the market can be overwhelming, particularly when your team is working diligently to maintain operations on current systems. Contact centers are often the first point of contact for your customers, making them a vital contributor to the customer experience associated with your brand.

Contact Center Communication and Technology

Reinforce Positive Behavior with Intelligent Contact Centers

Having the statistics that you need at your fingertips can help supervisors immediately reinforce the positive behaviors that are being exhibited throughout your call center — as well as quickly remediating any issues. Customers are often unwilling to wait as their calls are transferred between teams, a problem that can be amplified by older technology. Upgrading your contact centers to the latest functionality helps ensure that you can empower your agents to work efficiently regardless of their physical location.

Leverage Unified Contact Centers to Reduce Engagement Costs

Customers no longer want to simply call and be put into a queue for eventual support. They are actively looking for options that suit their personal communications style and their needs at the time. This means providing an integrated communications solution for your contact centers that includes chat, phone, email and social media — all scaled for your enterprise. Putting together a suite of separate solutions could cause serious integration risks, which is why the Altera Solutions team works exclusively with exceptional partners to ensure that your contact centers are fully outfitted with the tools your service professionals need to be successful.

Enhance Customer Experience and Boost Revenue

More than 80% of companies that focus on the experience of their customers across each engagement channel also experience a revenue lift. If that isn’t compelling enough evidence of the important service contact centers provides, 96% of customers recently noted that their loyalty to a brand is strongly influenced by the brand’s customer service. Creating a positive interaction with customers requires having seamless tools that are available, affordable and secure. Taking the time to define a comprehensive contact center solution helps ensure that your business is fully equipped to take advantage of future growth opportunities.

When you’re considering a shift in strategy for your contact centers, connect with the professionals at Altera Solutions. For more than 10 years, we have been working alongside large corporations and enterprises to ensure teams are fully outfitted with best-in-class tools — all backed by exceptional vendor support. Contact our technical experts at (833) 373-3635 or via email to Information@alterasolutions.com to schedule a complimentary initial consultation for your company.