Robust Managed Security Services Stop Cyber Threats Cold

The threat landscape for companies is evolving at an alarming rate, with new cyber threats gaining traction all the time. Organizations are struggling with diverse and complex tasks, such as maintaining security while transitioning data storage and business applications to the cloud. At each stage of your company’s digital transformation, senior business and technology leaders are peering closely at technical engagements in an effort to minimize these growing cybersecurity risks. With IT operations and processes in a state of flux, cybercriminals are expertly positioned to take advantage of any vulnerability within your IT infrastructure.

Managed IT Security

Emerging Cyber Threats are a Serious Risk for Companies

Even with the knowledge that cybersecurity threats are pummeling a wide range of industries, it can still be shocking to realize that cybercrimes such as ransomware and business email compromise scams are costing companies $3.5 billion per year. The risks associated with cybercrime are both broad in deep, in terms of the need for operational standards and remediation as well as the potential risks associated with lost revenue and negative public opinion. There are massive amounts of brainpower being devoted to the challenges associated with fighting cybercrime, but companies are still losing everything in their attempts to successfully navigate the cybersecurity landscape.

Loss of IT Focus Leads to Dangerous Situations

Overworked IT departments are attempting to split their attention between software updates, auditing, vulnerability assessments and patches — and the day-to-day operations and standard IT requests from business users. While IT leaders are being continually pushed to innovate, it’s not unusual for their resources to be stretched to the breaking point. In an environment where top talent can be extremely expensive to find and retain, many companies are forced to split the focus for talented technicians in an effort to maintain forward momentum on key projects. This can lead to software patches that slowly float to the bottom of the list, leaving your organization vulnerable to attack from enterprising cybercriminals.

Managed Security Services Offer Trusted, Reliable and Timely Support

Your company can’t afford to wait when there’s a critical patch released by a major software vendor. You need the confidence of knowing that your security solutions are consolidated and actively monitored by a team of professionals with a singular focus: maintaining a secure infrastructure for your business. Finding the right IT managed security services provider offers your team a group of advisors who are continually scanning for new threats on the horizon. Your technical teams and leaders will appreciate knowing that active monitoring, proactive security standards, and efficient processes are being deployed to support the complete cybersecurity needs of your organization.

Creating a secure, reliable infrastructure for each of our clients is a vital component of the services offered by Altera Solutions. Our team of highly-trained professionals is dedicated to minimizing the risk for our clients by staying up-to-date on the latest cybersecurity threats. We are continually reviewing new options that offer superior monitoring and threat protection with the ability to quickly respond to any incidents that do occur.

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