SOC II Compliant Technologies In Corporate IT

When it comes to cloud computing, security is of utmost importance. Since services and enterprise data are online, hackers can now efficiently study the systems, find flaws and choose to exploit them.

In fact, according to logic monitor, 66% of IT professionals consider security their most weighty concern. This happens especially when adopting new cloud computing platforms.

As a result, as an IT company, you will want to do everything possible to ensure you are safe and protected from all the potential cloud-based security threats. Currently, with the worldwide public cloud services projected to grow, at least 27% of IT organizations have reports of users whose accounts are potentially compromised.

Whether you are dealing with a data breach, data loss, insecure API, or any other IT security issues, you can now relax thanks to SOC II compliant technology. It ensures a company’s information security measures are in-line with the current cloud requirements. This way, they can minimize the risk and exposure to data.

In this article, we will discuss in detail all the potential solutions IT companies like yours stand to enjoy from SOC II. What’s more, we will be outlining how a managed IT service company can help you enjoy the benefits of SOC II compliant Technology.

What Are SOC II Compliant Technology Solutions?

To rescue you from all the potential threats, SOC II comes with the following security practices as solutions to your company.

  • Continuous monitoring: Your company needs to set-up a process that can regularly monitor any unusual system activity, both authorized and unauthorized. In other words, any system configuration changes and user access levels. This can be achieved by baselining what is normal in your company’s cloud environment and then using that to identify any abnormal activity. It will also ensure you are always on the knowledge of what’s really happening within your cloud infrastructure. This way, even in cases of a cloud bleed or Wannacry, your customers will be at ease and confident their information will be safe in your care.
  • Anomaly alerts: Continuous monitoring must go hand in hand with sufficient alerting procedures. When a security incident arises (which is very likely that one will occur), your company must be able to demonstrate the ability to respond and take action immediately. Specifically, SOC II requires companies to set up alerts only when activity deviates from the normal according to each unique environment. From the exposure of data, controls, to file transfer activities to privileged accounts, filesystems, or login access.
  • Detailed audit trails: When it comes to response and taking action, it can really get distressing if you are not aware of the exact root cause of the attack. Where do you even begin? Luckily enough, all you need are detailed audit trails to respond to an incident and carry out the necessary security operations. You will have all the essential cloud context to know who, what, where, when, and how a security incident occurred. Among other things, audit trails will give insights into the modification of system components, unauthorized modifications of data and breadth of attack impact, and the point of source.
  • Actionable forensics: To make good educated responses, your company must ensure its decisions are made based on informed intelligence. You have to have the right source of truth. Where did the attack originate? Where did it travel to? Which parts of the system were impacted? Unless all these concerns are answered, then knowing the best next move to take will not be as easy and quick. Having these forensics will not only help you detect threats but also mitigate the impact and come up with effective preventive measures.

How Can Altera Solutions Help With SOC II Compliant Technologies?

  • Brand security: Brand reputation is among the prevalent challenges companies struggle with. Around 55% of respondents of the cisco annual cybersecurity article reported public scrutiny from data breaches in just a year. Loss of revenue, customers, and out of pocket costs were among the effects these companies had to deal with. However, a managed IT service company will help your company maintain a good brand reputation and relax it from any unnecessary expenses.
  • Customer appeal: With so much to do and literally an entire organization to run, staying contemporary with the current threats may be challenging for technology members. Unfortunately, this may turn out to be a significant turn off to customers or organizations who are very concerned about security and require a SOC II report. A managed IT service can, come in and give your company access to security professionals who can help monitor, make recommendations, and implement any suggestions on the current processes. This will also give your organization a unique competitive advantage over other companies, which is always good for business. Don’t you agree? You will be more secure, more efficient, and with a streamlined process and controls based on the risks your customers face.
  • Marketing differentiator: Getting a SOC II report can now help you market your organization to rigorous standards. You can openly inform your clients that you have gone the extra mile to invest money and capital to ensure a very secure process. In most cases, although the majority of other organizations will claim to be secure, they may not be able to prove that they are without an audit. Something a managed IT company can help you handle.

Altera Solutions Can Help Secure SOC II Compliant Solutions

SOC II compliant technology means your company has placed well-defined policies, procedures, and practices. Unlike SOC I compliance technology that only requires an approved audit test, SOC II goes a step further to ensure long-term security for your customer information and business success.

That said, SOC II compliant is currently among the very important and rewarding investment organizations are taking. Right now, there is so much to lose, especially when it comes to cloud computing. Better be prepared and safe than regretful.

For more information, Altera offers full-stack security observability and can help your company acquire a broad range of SOC II compliance regulations in the cloud. Also, if you have more questions or concerns about SOC II, feel free to reach out.

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