Improve Cross-Team Communication with Advanced Voice & Video Conferencing Solutions

It’s becoming a difficult balancing act: ensuring that your employees have access to reliable voice & video conferencing solutions that are also consistent and highly secure. Even interactions that don’t include confidential information may be subject to regulatory compliance standards, making it essential to create a comprehensive approach to corporate communications. With employees serving as brand ambassadors, top executives are becoming more aware of the importance of having a solid communications strategy in place. One viable way to differentiate your business is to provide an exceptional telecommunications infrastructure — encouraging positive staff interactions and reducing customer frustrations.

Voice and Video Conferencing Solutions

Improve Consistency and Call Quality with Enhanced Voice & Video Conferencing

Are your teams still using one platform for voice and recording, separate solutions for video conferencing, and even more for chat and document storage? Pulling together the various aspects of your communications infrastructure can add a significant amount of value to your business operations. Employees will appreciate having access to vetted solutions that are well-managed, have a high degree of availability and where they know that the quality can be trusted. Even something as simple as call quality can have a negative impact on the customer experience, leaving your customers frustrated and feeling as though they’re not being heard. Eliminate these communication inconsistencies when you implement secure and reliable integrated voice & video conferencing from Altera Solutions.

Integrated Collaboration Tools Help Streamline Your Communications

Bouncing customers between teams can be a dangerous exercise if you’re utilizing the wrong communications infrastructure. Simply transferring a high-value customer offers some risks when you’re relying on aging telecommunications platforms. A fully-integrated single platform solution helps streamline communications internally and with your customers, reducing virtual disconnects and smoothing your operations. With staff members engaging with customers from remote locations around the world, being able to provide reliable access to telecommunications platforms shouldn’t be dependent on staff being housed within your physical location.

Augment Team Engagement with Secure Connections

Teams often find ways to share information that may not provide the level of security that you desire, such as emailing confidential documents to vendors in a way that allows those documents to be forwarded to others. It may not be possible to stop all of this activity, but you can provide secure connections with voice & video conferencing that are fully integrated into your corporate workflows. When you make it easy for staff members to communicate, they are less likely to be looking for options that don’t provide the recommended level of security.

Create a vital communications infrastructure for your company by leveraging the tools and knowledge offered by Altera Solutions. Our team of highly-qualified professionals works with large corporations and enterprises to craft solutions that meet their complex and evolving needs. Connect with the Altera Solutions experts at (833) 373-3635 or via email to to learn more about the innovative partnerships we provide that will meet the unique needs of your organization.