Optimize Performance and Availability with Ultra Low-Latency Fiber Connectivity

Milliseconds matter when you are racing to outpace the competition, particularly in the highly-competitive financial marketplace. You need the confidence of knowing that your network is performing at peak speeds and capacity and that requires an ultra-low-latency fiber connectivity strategy. Transporting information throughout the world at supersonic speeds is best achieved by reducing the friction throughout the system. The team at Altera Solutions is able to help you vet the right solutions that will provide fiber connectivity that exceeds your expectations in terms of speed and reliability. Whether you are engaged in high-frequency trading or simply need access to an unbeatable network, ultra-low-latency fiber connections provide the ideal infrastructure to support your fast-paced operations.

Fiber Connectivity Services

Experience Secure, Consistent Operations with Low Latency Fiber Connectivity

Business continuity is not a question for the financial services industry — it’s a standard requirement. Your company may not survive a significant IT infrastructure outage, making it crucial to define a proactive business continuity solution for your business. Multiple redundancies in fiber connectivity and other foundational tools help ensure that your employees and clients have secure access to the complex information needed to drive their daily decisions. With dozens of data centers and access to key liquidity venues, the ultra low-latency fiber network has been constructed to provide the ultimate in resiliency.

Reduce Cross-Connect Charges

It doesn’t take long for data charges to mount, particularly when you’re facing high volumes of information. Exchange port charges and data center cross-connect charges can be extensive, which is why the vendors that Altera Solutions partner with are able to deliver a more comprehensive approach to fiber connectivity. We look for data delivery networks that utilize industry-leading solutions from top vendors to ensure that your data is handled quickly and efficiently without the overwhelming charges you may have considered “industry standard”.

Reliable and Resilient Connections for the Global Electronic Trading Community — and Beyond

Protecting the details around each financial service transaction requires a depth of dedication that can be difficult to find in a traditional network solutions vendor. The team at Altera Solutions has extensive experience researching vendors, providing you the support you need while implementing ultra-low-latency fiber connectivity for the financial services community. We are continually looking for ways to improve reliability and resilience in fiber networks, reducing network overlap while still maintaining a model that is affordable for a broad spectrum of our clients. This commitment to quality connections enables quick and efficient virtual transactions for clients around the world.

Gain the added peace of mind knowing that your high-availability network is secure when you partner with the professionals at Altera Solutions to find the ideal solutions for your company’s complex business needs. Our team has years of experience working with enterprise organizations with stringent compliance requirements and distributed models. Contact the Altera Solutions team at (833) 373-3635 or via email to Information@alterasolutions.com to schedule your complimentary initial consultation.