A Proactive Security Operations Center Builds a Firm Foundation for Your Business

Finding subject matter experts in high-profile security platforms is increasingly difficult, particularly when you consider the global shortage of security talent. Recent estimates show that as many as 3.5 million cybersecurity jobs will go unfilled by 2021, a staggering miss considering the need for these in-demand roles throughout corporate America. This is no surprise to mid-size organizations and even enterprises that are struggling to find the technical experts needed to keep operations flowing smoothly — and securely. It’s vital that organizations have a security operations center (SOC) strategy in place to protect against the growing threat of cyberattack as well as to streamline operations throughout the enterprise.

Simply finding time to research the plethora of SOC solutions available on the marketplace can be staggering for a small team. The SOC experts at Altera Solutions provide the insight, security industry knowledge and research needed to define the ideal solutions for your security operations needs. The security solutions defined by your internal team today are unlikely to be able to combat the evolving threats that emerge in the future. When you work with a cloud-based SOC or managed solutions provider, you’re not only gaining access to enterprise-scale solutions but also the expertise needed to stay ahead of cyberthreats.

Security Operations Center

Repel Threats with a Robust Security Operations Center Strategy

The future of privacy is still being determined, with consumers becoming more aware of the visibility of their information than ever before. Experts project that the rise of connected devices will not only add complexity to the IT infrastructure of companies, but also present new and unexpected opportunities for cybercriminals. The IoT landscape is expanding at an alarming rate, and companies are taking full advantage of the innovative ways that consumers are using connected technology. With all of this shared information, maintaining a robust security operations center strategy is more important than ever before. With the cybersecurity market expected to grow to $430 billion by 2027, now is the time to ensure that your operations are strongly based on mature security principles.

Protecting Against the Unexpected with SIEM

Tracking all of the moving parts across your organization is a challenge that isn’t designed for the faint of heart, particularly when there are new services being added and deprecated on a regular basis. New technology is being introduced in this space that has the potential to fundamentally change the way security information and event management (SIEM) is handled, such as machine learning, advanced statistical analysis and other analytics packages. These platforms are able to monitor network traffic in real-time, providing critical clues that could indicate a cybersecurity breach within your organization. When an inconsistency is detected, these platforms are able to leap into action — providing your network administrators and vendor partners with the information needed to reduce the risk to your organization.

Providing Time- and Money-Saving Solutions for Your Internal IT Team

Pulling your internal technology professionals away from their high-value projects isn’t always feasible, leaving your IT leaders wondering where to find the expertise needed to push forward on new security operations center or SIEM initiatives. The professionals at Altera Solutions have been providing vendor-agnostic recommendations for proven IT solutions for over a decade. Whether you’re looking for a small business managed IT solution or an enterprise SOC strategy, our team comes alongside your professionals to form a recommendation that will supplement and enhance the unique needs of your organization. Contact our team at (833) 373-3635 or via email to Information@alterasolutions.com to schedule a complimentary initial consultation.