Managed SD-WAN With Threat Monitoring & Response

Today’s digital initiatives require agile platforms that guarantee security. Enterprises have stepped up their IT investments to create secure and reliable computing environments for their teams. A flexible and remote workforce helps businesses maintain their operations regardless of their location.

Enterprises rely on virtualization architecture like the Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) to ensure continuous system access for different remote teams. With SD-WAN, users can access various business applications through transport services like MPLS and broadband internet.

SD-WAN has proved worthwhile in the recent past, with most enterprises closing their physical offices and resorting to work-from-home solutions. With this technology, IT departments can provide employees with secure access to sensitive client information. The company’s network edge extends beyond the cloud to provide access from any location.

SD-WAN With Built-In Security

IT departments often work tirelessly to guarantee security in their SD-WAN solutions, knowing that potential data breaches can have a devastating effect on company operations. Finding SD-WAN solutions with intrinsic security features helps to free up your IT resources.

Tiered options like next-gen firewalls, for example, guarantee unmatched perimeter protection for your SD-WAN strategy. Alternatively, you could opt for 24/7 SOC services, ensuring that you have consistent monitoring and threat response options. Your IT team will receive consistent security alert metrics that they can use to step up the SD-WAN implementation.
These built-in security solutions also help in enforcing consistent security policies. With adequately configured SD-WAN devices, your enterprise will be in an excellent position to defend data from attackers.

Businesses can also handle security threats from within thanks to the enabled WAN segmentation feature. Your team can opt to implement zero-trust security strategies around segmentation to counter threats arising from inside your networks. You’ll have an easier time flagging online applications with no local firewalls.

What Are the Capabilities and Benefits of SD-WAN Security?

With SD-WAN security, you can create encrypted tunnels between sites in your network. The in-built encryption capabilities prevent unauthorized entry and access to your network and assets. SD-WAN also enables granular controls, helping your tech team dictate traffic handling within different systems. This feature reduces the risk of unwanted or harmful traffic from getting into your network. As you consider SD-WAN security, ensure that your business leverages various aspects of this technology, including:

  • A virtual client or single-premise device that serves multiple security functions.
  • Reduced complexity of security management with centrally driven policies and configurations.
  • Network performance and security monitoring that sifts alerts from SD-WAN firewalls
  • Secure internet offloads from embedded firewalls
  • Secure data sharing across the internet through automatically encrypted tunneling
  • Centralized orchestration to chain security services like firewalls in multiple locations

Managed SD-WAN Services

While SD-WAN services can improve business efficiency, these services may overwhelm CIOs and CISOs, especially when you consider scaling. SD-WAN can also easily strain your IT resources. Hiring managed SD-WAN takes the pressure from your internal team while offering security monitoring services coupled to managed detection and response solutions. You’ll also have an easier time scaling your IT resources to match your evolving business needs. Before partnering with a secure SD-WAN provider, find out if they;

  • Offer secure local internet breakouts.
  • Integrate unified threat management and next-gen firewall in their SD-WAN solution
  • Provide SD-WAN integrated with a firewall and router
  • Offer analytics that can provide insights on possible threats

Features of Altera’s SD-WAN + Threat Management & Response

Finding managed SD-WAN solutions eases your IT team of the pressure of constant threat monitoring within your systems. Altera Solutions provides these services coupled with threat management and response. This package offers you:

  • Consistent security policies on all your SD-WAN devices.
  • Firewall integration to block any threats on your SD-WAN sites
  • Certified security experts who monitor unified threat management (UTM) security events round the clock
  • Traffic monitoring that keeps an eye on site-to-site connectivity
  • Instant incident response whenever the UTM detects any suspicious events on your networks.

Alternatively, you could opt for the managed detection and response solution to find:

  • Patented machine learning and behavior analytics
  • A detection and response platform that scans for vulnerabilities and offers network visibility
  • Threat intelligence and hunting
  • Cloud workload protection for 3rd party integration, Microsoft Office 365, Azure, and AWS
  • Monitoring and incident response from certified analysts working 24/7

Drive Digital Transformation With SD-WAN

Are you looking for industry-leading performance with embedded security? Partner with Altera Solutions to find software-defined networking and deliver positive outcomes. We provide consistent SLAs to get your systems up and running in good time in case of any breakdowns. Our network and application intelligence solutions provide real-time analytics on a single portal. Step up your security protocols with round-the-clock threat monitoring and management. You can also count on Altera Solutions for an unmatched customer experience.

Overall, we work to improve application performance with simple cloud access while our flexible hybrid access solutions allow you to free up IT resources. Partnering with Altera helps you create secure and reliable computing environments for your teams.