The 3 First Questions To Ask Your Next Connectivity Partner

Your Guide To Choosing Right Connectivity Partner The First Time, By Focusing On Your Three Main Considerations.

Choosing the right connectivity partner is crucial to yours and your customers’ success. They need to be capable, future-proof and focused on the end-user experience.

At its most fundamental, the process of selecting the right connectivity partner is a matter of asking the following three questions we explore in this guide. By getting the answers you need, you can make an informed, confident selection, and avoid having to start the process all over again soon.

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Question #1: Are You Thinking About The Future?

The best connectivity players are always looking forward. They know that their value is directly dependant on how effectively they invest in the future of their business. Without doing so, they’ll quickly be outpaced by the evolution if technology, and the capabilities of their competitors.

Three Signs Your Connectivity Partner Is Thinking Ahead:

  1. They’re a thought-leader in the industry. Their team is in the press related to new developments, and they work noticeably to push the debate on harnessing newer technologies for the good of their partners.
  2. They’re growing their network. Your partner should be investing in their network’s growth and development every year. If their network development initiatives are stalled, then they’re falling behind.
  3. They’re financially secure. Your partner should be cash-rich and well-funded. Connectivity is an expensive space to operate in, and those without the right runway will quickly fall behind.

Question #2: Are Your Products Future-Proof?

It’s one thing to optimize your product and services for the needs of the user right now; it’s another to be thinking 3-5 years ahead. The best connectivity partner for you is thinking three steps ahead, tracking ongoing research and developing services that will stand the test of time.

3 Signs Your Connectivity Partner’s Products Have Longevity:

  1. They have access to emergent technology. They have a connection to the development of next-generation technologies, either directly in their operations or through a partner.
  2. They invest in development. Your partner should be financially invested in technology that won’t pay off for a matter of years. This shows they have a stake in the future of their business.
  3. Their network can handle growth. The easiest way to spot a connectivity partner that’s future-focused is to verify their network is ready to handle more data consumption and more users.

Question #3: Do You Play Well With Others?

While the first two questions confirm their ability to deliver a product with high quality and appropriate longevity, this final question focuses on the other part of the equation: the human element. IT isn’t just a matter of technology — it’s about the customer experience as well (if not more so).

3 Signs Your Connectivity Partner Has The Customer In Mind:

  1. They have a competitive NPS. This puts the debate in simple, easy-to-compare numbers. Find out how they stack up against the competition in terms of their Net Promoter Score.
  2. They play well with third-parties. If they can successfully manage and cooperate with a group of third-parties vendors and suppliers, then you know they’ll work well with you too.
  3. They have an established reseller market. Having engaged channel partners doesn’t happen by accident. If they have a network of successful resellers working with them, you can be confident it’s a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Finding The Right Connectivity Partner Will Bring You Value

The bottom line is that you shouldn’t rush the process of selecting your connectivity partner. By taking the time to ask these questions and choose the best one for you and your customers, you’ll add value to everything you do for your customers, now and into the future.

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