Virtual Desktop Infrastructure: Benefits Explained

Corporations across the United States need solutions for various challenges facing them. Statistics show that entities that solve their problems using Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) reduce their energy bills by 97 percent, increase productivity by 98 percent, and reduce costs by 70 percent.

As the industry gets competitive, firms that find innovative solutions to their problems thrive. VDI entails moving desktop management to a virtualized environment from a local one. This development can help a firm fix PC desktop’s issues about security, manageability, and resources.

Altera Solutions, an IT firm in New Jersey, can help you get various benefits of VDI. We collaborate with different IT vendors to ensure you get a dealer offering the solutions you need. Altera Solutions can help your firm get the following benefits of VDI.

Virtual Desktop Benefits

VDI Benefits Affecting Business Environments

1. Manageability

VDI makes management, maintenance, and deployment of endpoints — such as laptops, mobile devices, and tablets — much more comfortable. One can resolve faults from the central station remotely. The IT specialist can upgrade, deal with viruses, and deploy apps from the data center to the various workstations.

2. Flexibility

An administrator can start upgrades, installations, and troubleshooting procedures without input from the end-user. Some activities, such as the virtual creation of desktops, will not affect the end-users’ productivity as you undertake them. As the system does not have end users tied to specific hardware, new desktops and desktop fixes reach them in no time.

3. Accessibility

Remote access supported by VDI enables users to work from any location and any compatible device. Outcomes will not depend on whether the entire staff reports to the office or adequate workstations. Workers can also access software inaccessible to them. They can perform tasks quickly. Centralized management enables the firm to have better security.

VDI Benefits Affecting Teams Across Organizations

4. Smooth User Experience

Skepticism by users regarding the change to a virtual desktop infrastructure disappears once they use VDI. The new setup resembles the previous version. Its front end appears and feels like the older desktop. The user can also access this desktop from any device.

5. Increased Productivity

VDI increases productivity. The IT specialist can upgrade all the relevant workstations, manage them, and have maintenance from a central station. This ability frees the expert to concentrate on other pertinent issues. The setup detects threats to the workflow quickly. Hazards such as system failure or a virus attack get swiftly resolved. This capability is one of the main benefits of VDI, and enables the user to continue with their work without significant interruptions.

6. Improved Security and Back-Up

The security of data is a crucial concern for any IT firm. With VDI, your data will be in one location. This centralization makes it more protected and secure. Cases of the staff transferring viruses when they share or download sensitive materials become nonexistent. Regular, central back-ups ensure there will be no cases of losing data because of personnel forgetting to back up their files.

VDI Benefits Affecting Savings

7. Cost-Savings

VDI saves time, labor, and energy. Your firm avoids the extra costs the traditional desktop would cause to these cost centers. You can also save on the expenses you incur by having many individual user licenses. VDI workstations are more affordable, and they have a longer useful life than the traditional desktop.

8. Energy Savings

Traditional desktops use a lot of power and generate a lot of heat. You are spending a substantial amount of your electricity running these machines and cooling them. VDI is different. VDI workstations do not consume a lot of power. They cut down your units of electricity consumed by a significant portion.

9. Resource Savings

VDI enables central management, upgrade, and maintenance. Centralized management frees up personnel and time for other tasks. A staffer must not go to each workstation to carry out user-related tasks. They can use the time they save to be more productive or to focus on other areas.

10. Smaller Bandwidth

With VDI, you will use a lower bandwidth. It hosts all information, which would otherwise be in the users’ desktops, in a central server. This information is accessible by all individuals in the network.

VDI Benefits Affecting Desktops

11. Same Image

VDI supports the utilization of the same image by multiple workstations. Organizational costs reduce because of the installed apps and OS that make this capability possible. One can create, enhance, and deploy them from the central station.

12. Better Graphics

VDI provides excellent graphics. The image quality for graphics and text is better because of various features, such as graphics acceleration. Developers monitor modern user and management requirements to ensure they improve and tailor the graphics of VDI.

13. Access

VDI management enables you to set and provide users with varying levels of access. Assigned users can access their desktop on the network from any device. Authorized access to large files, such as videos and CAD documents, is also possible for all users.

How Altera Solutions Can Help You Achieve Your Objectives with VDI

Altera Solutions can link you up with a vendor providing the VDI you need. We are a reputable firm that matches the needs of our clients with a reliable vendor. The vendor we link your firm with will be the right for you. Their services will help you have the VDI to have smooth operations and reduce costs. This partnership will help you avoid many challenges associated with the traditional desktop setup.

We have a proven track record of providing solutions to the various needs of companies across the United States.  Need the right technology solution for your organization?  Call Altera Solutions first.